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Trüffelkontor GmbH, expert in industrial truffle products
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Truffle products for the food industry and gastronomy professionals

Safe and economic solutions for premium truffle products

Trüffelkontor GmbH is one of the greatest buying powers of truffles in the world. Our supplier base had been growing every year providing an ever increasing amount of row material for our production line of truffle based gastronomic and industrial food products.

Our primary aim for providing affordable and safe truffle products for food industry and gastronomy use proves to be successful and we are meeting an unforeseen demand for our products that allowed us to recently double our production capacities.

We adhere to the highest quality standards of the food industry, if you are planning to develope a truffle product contact us immediately, when it comes to industrial truffle products, we are the people to talk to.

Trüffelkontor GmbH


Trüffelkontor GmbH, where over 100 years of family tradition meets today's highest demands.

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professional truffle products


Canned, dried, fresh or frosen truffle ingredients for your premium food products.

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We conform to the highest quality standards of the food manufacturing industry.

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